I am licensed to provide therapy services to residents of Texas and Oregon. If you are not a resident of Texas or Oregon and are interested in coaching and/or consulting services only, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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I know firsthand what it’s like to live with depression and anxiety. When I say “I get it,” I get it. One of the most important things I have found in my own journey to mental health is the importance of having a professionally trained active listener to give you a non-judgemental space to process your trauma and mental health concerns. I’ll ask questions to help us identify your beliefs about yourself and the world around you, and if those beliefs aren’t working for you, we’re going to shake things up. I provide unconditional positive regard (translation: you can tell me your deepest darkest stuff and I won’t judge you or think any less of you). Let’s break the negative thought patterns that are keeping you sad and stuck. I can also provide resources/referrals for additional health care (like meds) if needed.

Life Coaching

Living your #bestlife and turning your big ideas into reality begins with identifying your strengths and resources, as well as the roadblocks standing in your way. Many people will tell me they want to be “happier,” or talk about the goals they want to barrel full-steam-ahead toward, but the real golden tickets are overall life satisfaction and consistency. During our sessions, we will overhaul your daily habits to significantly increase your ability to enjoy the everyday while working to achieve your goals. “Wait a second, Lauren,” you might be yelling at your screen, “are you saying I can move at a pace where I can both enjoy my life and reach my goals?!?!” THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING! I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness practices to help you break through the unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior that are holding you back.

Career Therapy + Coaching

Does your work make you feel more exhausted than energized? Is it day after day of The Office, but without the comic relief? While no job is perfect, a bad fit can squelch the ambition of even the most motivated person. Whether you’re looking for a new position or a total career overhaul, career coaching can help you identify what types of careers are most fulfilling for your personality type (yes, I’m going to make you take the Enneagram test), set career goals, and maximize your ability to flourish at your existing job.

Relationship Therapy + Coaching

Have you ever spilled your guts to a significant other, only to feel as though you aren’t being heard or understood? Does your relationship look more Stephen King than Nicholas Sparks? (Okay, bad analogy, but you get it.) Issues with communication in relationships lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment. Whether you seek services alone or with a partner, we will work together to improve communication, learn to fight fairly, and avoid relationship pitfalls that lead to those horrifying “four horsemen of the apocalypse“: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.


After finishing grad school, I was disillusioned with jobs in the mental health field, and was determined to find a way to combine my passion for helping people with my career goals of variety and autonomy. I run a private practice via telehealth/video sessions out of my home, and use social media for mental health education and connecting with others in authentic ways. If you are also a mental health provider and would like to consult with me on how to do this or something similar, let’s chat!