Oh, hello there! I’m Lauren Hasha, a writer, mental health professional, and life coach living in Portland, Oregon.

Sometimes the strong, empowered people we know we can be are buried underneath a lot of bullsh*t – you know the stuff I’m talking about — toxic relationships, poor body image, soul-sucking jobs. Ugh, right? But you’re here! You’re looking for help! That’s a HUGE first step.

I have a master’s degree and extensive training in the field of mental health, and have spent nearly six years working with hundreds of clients facing these issues.

Since this is your future we’re talking about, let’s skip the small talk and ask some big questions:

What lies have you been taught to believe that are now keeping you stuck?

If you had unlimited courage, how would your life be different?

What leap would you have already made if you hadn’t told yourself it was impossible? (You know the one I’m talking about. The one that makes you equal parts excited and yet terrified out of your mind.)

I focus on humor, empathy, your strengths, and (most importantly) solutions. We will talk honestly about your daily routine, habits, and behaviors to identify what is holding you back in your life, career, and relationships. You are absolutely capable of overcoming what stands between you and your best and bravest self.

Are you ready for these changes? I haven’t even met you yet and I’m already excited to work with you! We have some powerful conversations to have. Reach out via email or social media and let’s set up our first session.

Photography by Emily Costopoulos.